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Life - Update May 6th 2012


I am now at the very end of my free education. My Senior year is down to it’s final days. The 31st of this month, I am officially done with all my work and classes. Everything I put into these last 4 years is just done. My mentions and mark at the school will fiddle away to make way with the new. Now I wish that statement would be true in the school computers. I swear to god, why is it still running Windows XP. The ones that run Windows 7 are on a damn Netbook. Reading text is hard to see as it is on those things. I don’t know why they just didn’t upgrade the general PCs to something more modern. But whatever. I’m done with the school. Wrestling is done. This year, I didn’t really like the new wrestling coach. I hope the school finds another one that was as dedicated as Rob. Javier acted like a kid half the time. I could not take him seriously as a grown adult but my season is done. At least I made it further then I ever had before in the sport. Make it to CIF at least.

Now that school is getting out of the way, I was one of the winners for the LQAF Scholarship. I got $1,000 now for school. Which should pretty much cover Community College this year including what i’m getting from FASFA. I’m going through some hiccups though the whole MySite thing for Saddleback College. It says my account is now locked. I don’t know why but it was a waste of time of it not telling me sooner over spending a few hours on it just to log in just for I can set up a appointment for the assessment test to attend their college. I have to do that on Monday…. hopefully. I sent an email about my issue. I received a reply the following day but it was too late to call to get help with my account considering it was only up to noon on Fridays. I have to try on Monday to see if I can get my account unlocked just to set up that appointment. I’m thinking of doing it during June but I’m undecided. Just depends how much pressure I have on my Senior Finals, which I don’t think I’ll have much outside of Economics. 


In the last few months, I been playing Battlefield 3 whenever I was up to it. I got past rank 30 on the Xbox 360. Around New Years, I bought it on the PC. Now it’s great on the PC. Enjoying every minute of it. Though I still hate Battlelog on how it can’t remember my preferences or just getting me high ping servers over lower ping servers on the refresh. I got up to rank 24 recently. Finally catching up to my Xbox side of things in a shorter amount of time but everything is well and good. Looking forward to Close Quarters Combat later in June. 

Now the new Call of Duty got announced, I’m looking forward to that after reading Kotaku’s post on 48 things you should know about BO2. I’m giving Treyarch a chance on this and I will be keeping tabs on it. I’m looking forward to the game and hopefully it’s a good one. "Note: I ignored Modern Warfare 3"

I recently preordered Torchlight 2. Now having played the game on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. It was a instant pre order. I am hoping that I don’t get into the beta. Some are wondering why I would want that. It’s just because I want the game to be as fresh as possible when I play. Though at the moment, I’m replaying the original Torchlight but on the PC. Though this time, with mods. You know, something the Xbox version can’t do.

Everything Else

I want Google+ to be successful but I don’t want Google shoving it down on everyone just to force everyone to use it. I like some things about it but it needs to use it’s space wisely. I have too much empty white spaces on the current version of the site. Twitter has been the same for me. Though I been tweeting less then I have in the past. Chuggaaconroy started his new LP on Super Paper Mario. I can now finally watch someone play it well and finish the game unlike me a few years ago. Though watching him makes me want to play it again but I raged quitted on a boss that I never figured out how to beat well. 

My relationship with Cindy has been great so far. Yes some hiccups here and there but everything is working and I hope everything works out while we are both in college. 

Now I have a field trip on Monday to Lost Angles. Then Portal 2 has some update going on during Tuesday. Looking forward to that. Now, I have nothing else on my mind to write about to poof! Gone!